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Know · that · I · will · choke · until · I · swallow...

Today was a success :-) I had a muesli bar too as a snack (114.8…

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Today was a success :-) I had a muesli bar too as a snack (114.8 calories). Unfortunately I didn't manage to go running. I did the groceries and forgot my card! So got home a little later than expected and it was dark.

I didn't feel hungry today, it was nice. 1000 calories a day is something I feel I could easily maintain for a month, perhaps even two or three. My only worry is when I, say - go out for dinner? Or have to have a meal with someone. In two or three weeks I am going to an MMA event, we have booked a table and paid $70 per person so I can't not eat when there is meals and drinks provided as part of our tickets. I was thinking to account for occasions such as this, instead of starving all day so I don't have to worry about the meal I would allow 2 days per month were I can be less ridged - I could have a lower calorie day and allocate say 400 cals for the dinner and make the right choices of corse when choosing what to eat.

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