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Weigh day!

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31 Days until Fiji.

Weigh day today after months of staring clear of the scales.
63.8kg. I am content with that as a start number. My goal is to lose 3.8kg in 31 days. It seems a very reasonable goal providing I stay within 1000 calories a day and exercise 4 times a week.

I think I will weigh weekly.

Tuna on toast and a coffee - 287.7cal

712.3 calories remain.

Im thinking leftovers from last night for lunch - 200cal
Two baked potatoes with tuna, cheese and tomato with streamed veggies - 367.7cal

144.8cal remaining for snacks -
x1 apple
x1 orange
x2 carrots (Sticks)

Todays total - 994.2 calories

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